Raquel Rodriguez

I’m an independent designer, letterer, and web developer living in Chicago, IL.
I recently wrapped up several weeks as a student at Anyone Can Learn To Code where I focused on learning Ruby on Rails and Javascript, among other technologies. You can read my reflections and follow my progress on my Codeblog.

I like to help people. I like to create. I’ve worked with other creatives, non-profits, educational institutions, small businesses, and grassroots organizations. From logos to websites, I can help you. Just let me know what you’re looking for. The more in-depth the project, the more of an impact we can make.

My Bachelor’s degree in English and African American Studies provides me with a foundation of critical thinking and research skills that I apply to all my client work. My Master’s degree in Library and Information Science provides me with expertise in information organization and retrieval, which is also applicable in the world of design.

When I’m not working on client projects I spend time making my podcast, practicing lettering, reading about the English alphabet, wondering if more school is in my future, convincing myself to go for a run, and following NBA basketball.

I also give the occasional presentation or interview.

Chicago Public Skills

Chicago Public Skills is a moniker that I attach to my work and projects. It’s derived from my experience and love for growing up in Chicago. Pretty straightforward in that regard. It’s also a reference to the way that the work can be engaged by the public. raquelCPS.