hello from the other side

No, it’s not Adele. It’s me, Raquel. I have not been on the blog grind for several months. Much has happened since graduating from ACLTC, both personally and professionally, some very positive things, some not so much. Life is like that.

Over the summer, I was lucky enough to do a three-month apprenticeship for an interactive design studio here in Chicago. It was great – I’ll have some posts about it soon – but now I’m on the hunt for full-time employment again. I have an interview coming up tomorrow!

I’ve spent the past couple of days preparing for this tech interview. I’ve been reviewing what I learned in ACLTC, rereading some notes, checking out my code on github, checking out the app I made, Hoop Helix, which was sort of a spinoff of what I made for ACLTC. Having spent some time away from terminal and github, it’s amazing how going back to it is related to muscle memory. Just the repetition of certain commands feels familiar.

The Code Newbie podcast has been great company while I’ve been prepping. If you’ve never heard it, check it out. Really useful and inspiring. I’m listening to the episode with Suzan Bond, who is giving great advice about interviewing and thinking about what you need as someone figuring out where they want to work.

Beyond the technical aspect of the interview tomorrow, I’m also thinking quite a bit about the value of the other skills I have and the full picture of what I bring to the table. The idea of valuing your skills and not selling yourself short is really important when it comes to the confidence that you bring into an interview. Especially as someone who is new to coding, it’s so easy to belittle my own accomplishments or feel inept. The trick is to recognize how much I know today and how that compares to what I knew yesterday, two weeks ago, two months ago. I’ve learned a lot and that’s indicative of my capacity to work in very significant ways.

OK, now I have to go figure out what to wear tomorrow.